Fig Jam

December 11th, 2010 by Brent

We have a giant fig tree in our back yard and every season we are bombarded with figs. So a couple years ago we decided to try our hand at making fig jam and it really came out great. So now every year we make a few batches of fig Jam towards the end of the season and thought I’d share the recipe. If you are familiar with making preserves or pickling, this recipe is cake.

Depending on your taste, or fear of fig skins you can either mash your figs or blend them up in a blender… it is really your call. My wife loves her fig jam blended up kind of like what you would find in store bought jam and I like mashed because it just looks more old world style with big ol chunks of fruit inside… believe me either way is awesome… both taste the same, the only difference is the look of the final product…


Figs! – The number of figs really depends on your variety. Some figs are tiny some are huge… ours are huge turkey figs so we only need about a dozen or so… at the end of the day your are going to need 4-5 cups of blended or mashed down figs.

4-5 cups of sugar depending on how sweet you want your jam (You could also use Splenda too).

1/4 cup of lemon juice

1/2 cup water

1 packet of pectin

~ 3 2 cup preserve jars with new lids or 2 4 cup jars (I know the math doesn’t add up… if you use the 2 cup jars, you will have a little jam left over and if you use the 4 cup jars you will have a tiny bit of extra room in both…)

First wash your figs and cut the top by the stem and the bottom by the hole at the bottom off… you don’t have to take much off… then cut them in half and then into fourths and toss in a measuring bowl.

Repeat this process until you have 5-6 cups of mashed fruit.. make sure to keep mashing down your fruit in the measuring bowl.

Fill a large pot with enough water to cover your jars. (We use the pot we boil spaghetti in.) Once filled with water, cover and toss it on a burner and get it boiling. This is the boiling water bath you will use to seal and sterilize your jam.

Next if you want to blend up your fruit, go for it… pop it in a blender and blend away… Note. I find blending your fruit causes your boil to be more messy because it is like trying to boil mud…

After you blend or if you chose not to blend, toss or pour your fruit into a pot…

Now mix 1/2 cup of your sugar with your pectin mix in a small bowl. This will help it mix in and not clump when you add it to your fruit.

Pour your lemon juice and water into the pot with your fruit and then slowly mix in your pectin sugar mix… when blended, turn on the heat and bring to a boil…

Note. You will get a foam that develops on the top of your boiling fruit. You can spoon it out if it gets bad… it doesn’t effect taste or anything you just don’t want the foam getting in your jars and causing a foamy looking jam in the jar…

Once a boil is reached add in your remaining sugar and stir it in.

Allow your mixture to come back up to a boil… once it does, let it boil for a minute or two making sure to stir so your fruit doesn’t scorch on the bottom.

Now once it has come up to a boil for a couple minutes, you are ready to bottle. Turn off the heat and grab your first jar. I use a measuring cup to scoop out the mixture into my jars. Make sure to leave about an inch of room at the top.

Once full, seal jar making sure not to burn yourself and drop into a boiling water bath you started earlier. Repeat until all of your jars are filled.

Now if you have sterilized your jars really good, you only have to boil your jars for about 5 minutes… if you are not sure if they are good enough just boil longer (I always boil longer… like 12-15 minutes just to be sure…)… boiling the jars kills all the bacteria that maybe inside giving your jam a longer shelve life. Make sure your jars are completely submerged.

Once done boiling, let sit out and cool down… When they are cool you will notice that if you push down on the lid, it wont pop back up because the boil sealed the jar… now all you have to do is store in a cool area like a pantry or even your garage until you are ready to eat…

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