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April 14th, 2019 by michelle

! It’s not a secret that nowadays many girls from young to old, especially from Russia and CIS want to become married to a foreigner. It takes its root from their social and financial background, schooling and peer pressure from the early ’90s that from the western world, especially the U.S.A, life is superb. Despite this, many women from the big cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg are rather reluctant to relocate since the market and lifestyle at Moscow is currently very vibrant that even many European pros proceed to Moscow – due to high wages compared even to their highly developed countries. Other preferred destinations, based on their cultural and religious background, are the East, Middle East and Europe.

But why do foreigners prefer to marry girls from Russia? There are numerous reasons. But the main and the most essential reason – since it is that the RUSSIAN woman! And, like everybody know, Russian girls DO possess beauty, faithfulness, wisdom, understanding and many many other essential attributes that may mostly not easily be seen in other girls. Notably a wonderful almost incredible combination-bouquet of those positive qualities. One of which – that Russian girl will proceed after the man she loves – even to the border of the world.

Her Heart can’t be mastered. The Heart of Russian woman controls her brain and her life. And it may occur vendita di viagra, vendita di viagra, vendita di viagra, vendita di viagra, vendita di viagra, vendita di viagra. that Russian girl fall in love with a foreigner. Which means she’ll have to be ready to relocate and reside in his nation. And now let us give some recommendations to Russian girls that are planning to relocate.

We would like to mention some variables to be seriously considered before choosing a last decision to leave the motherland. First of all, don’t hurry to get married until you learn more about your fianc?e – his character, thoughts, hobbies, his religious and political views, his likes and dislikes, what he is accustomed to, dietary preferences, thought processes etc.. About his goals in life, his eyesight. Along with his friends and family members. Secondly, invest a good amount of time for meticulous research about rules and official regulations of the country in which hot russian women you have to relocate . It’s not of any lesser importance than studying about the nature of your future husband – anything can happen. Don’t deny to make a marriage contract. Never give your Russian citizenship or your own house in Russia. Remember, a wise person will rely upon God but will "tie his camel first" Thirdly, keep in mind that especially in the beginning you will end up ALONE there. And at times very lonely and maybe even motherland sick. So, as soon as you can, attempt to make new friends (females only!) – don’t play with fire and don’t spoil your own destiny – most of men are very jealous especially when trust isn’t proven and not won yet. One other important information – no matter what he would say about his modern view on life etc – don’t show him your old photograph with other men, or in spite of your man cousin or work colleagues. In most cases it won’t be understood properly. And at best it may create distress, at worst – it may be a cause of serious arguments or even fights and dangers for divorce. It can also cool off his feelings for you and violate his confidence in you. Don’t play with fire – in most countries husbands will never know rather than accept favorable connections even with your man cousins! The solution isn’t that witty – yes, the husband is going to be with you. But keep in mind, he’s obtained his habits created over the years, his loved ones, number of relatives, friends etc.. And on top of this – all the time he’ll be at work. So try to imagine and prepare ahead what you will do at home. Even if the husband will be very supportive and caring at the commencement of your union, with time that he will ‘ be happy if you will be too demanding, if you will ask too much of his spare time and his appointment in everything even small insignificant things. Try to do what you can to be extra nice with your husband’s relatives and friends and very attentive to their requirements. Try to notice even the smallest details that which they like, the way they dress, what they like and dislike (especially your husband’s mommy!) If possible, attempt to obtain a task for yourself (in web such as as a free-lance translator or anything else web related that which you are able to do ). In website you can in few minutes produce your profile along with your portfolio (CV). Being occupied with your own project will give you a feeling of independence and much more faith in yourself. Along with your husband would be very happy for you and will boast to his loved ones and friends how imaginative his spouse is: that even being in new nation she manages in no opportunity to find work and to conduct a business online…

Did you know? From Russian lady about Russian women.

Russians in general are very romantic. Perhaps you’ve heard one story most people were brought up with: a narrative about a naive young irl by the name of Assol. She decided that she’ll marry only the one who corresponds to her dream – that one day a sort, handsome prince of a superb nature will come out of a far-away property, but not ordinarily, -he’ll come on a big RED ship. So she was waiting for such a person and individuals about were making fun of her. She lived in a tiny poor village and there were not any foreigners around for ages. However one day some person from another country came into this village, saw this woman Assol at the street, and fell in love with her from the very first sight. He then started to ask people about who she was on receiving a reply that she is a very strange woman, and that she would never take his suggestion as she is daydreaming about a priest at a Red Ship. This is precisely what he did – that he realised her dream by getting red silk for the ship and returned. No wonder, she immediately accepted him all the men and women in that village started to believe in miracles.

Perhaps it sounds funny, but we were (I am talking about Russian, perhaps not too much in Kazakhstan etc) brought up with the idea that one day a prince out of a fairytale will come into our life. And he’ll be the ‘One’ Almighty made for us. Very romantic, perhaps not too much in tune to our modern time but. I dare say, we’re what we believe in and what we dream of.

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